Warning: This software is very old and probably doesn't work with the latest versions of OS X.
File Lister  is a freeware OS X application to generate and save a list of files in ways not currently possible with other programs. Although this could be used to search for files, its main purpose is to make a list. File Lister was a personal project of mine and was made because I needed it. It was not meant to be a file searching program. If you want a good searching program you'd be better off with something like Sherlock or Easy Find.
File Lister retrieves a list of files in a specified directory and its sub-directories while excluding files of choice (e.g. aliases, folders, hidden files, or all but these three). It also has options for matching files by size and name.
Individual rows, when selected, can be removed from the list or have its contents copied to the clipboard. Double clicking on a row will open that file.
The list can be saved as a text file for re-opening in File Lister or as an HTML file for displaying in web pages or printing. There are many options for exporting the list into html. The html generator uses style sheets which allow a large list to load faster and make it easier to implement into a current web page if so desired.
Created By:
Corie Slate
Icons By:
Adrian Jean
Axon Design Studio
CarbonEvents Plugin:
Will Cosgrove
File Lister 1.0 |  Get Stuffit
OS Requirements:
Mac OS 10.0 or Later
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